Many companies
love to talk about themselves and they are trying to connect the people across
the world through their community network websites. These community websites are
useful for the users to keep in touch with each other and remain connected with
their loved ones using less effort and minimum time.


The community
site provides us the facilities to send messages give the information about the
specific user in their profile send gifts birthday card and many more things in
only one place that saves the time of their busy schedule.


There are many
community website such as face book, my space, orkut etc etc.


Like these
websites we have developed a new community website named as APNAY.CO.UK. This is
the site that connects the people across the world like India, Pakistan, United
Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE and many more.


Our website
provides the users many options like users can change their profile style as, their we also established a pointing system, depending on which we
can rate the user levels, for example for 10 points we give the user as beginner
level (one star) for 100 points give him/her 2 stars and so on. The pointing
system depends on different schemes like we will give 10 points for good looking
profile style 10 points for posting 5 images etc.


We also
establish a gifts system through which we can send gifts to the specific user
depend on the occasion. You can also add and view youtube videos and we also add
a discussion forum where we started many topics, where you can take
participation and share your views.


Further more
we are also starting new events and prize winning games and activities so that
user’s interest is being developed.



For any
further questions you can contact to the administrator of the website.




Best Regards!



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