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Upset: Defeating the undefeatable team is usually called as upset .Upsets occurs often in sports, but some of them are much bigger deals than the others. On any given day there can be a regular season upset in baseball, football, basketball, cricket or any smaller sport .Let's take a look at my top upsets in the history of sports.

Upset in cricket history:
1: Jawed mianadad khan's six is memorable against India in 1986.Pakistan require 4 runs from 1 ball and he is on strike he hit a fantastic six and snatched the match from Indian side, and he never forget this huge moment in his whole life.
2: The 1992 world cup is always special for Pakistan .In this world cup Pakistan is never rated as a favorites of world cup .but unbelievably Pakistan win the tournament by defeating the mighty England team in the final .Pakistan win the world cup under the captaincy of imran khan.
3: In 1996 world cup Srilanka win against the favorites Australian and Sri Lanka became the only team to win the ICC Trophy and then go on to win the ICC World Cup.
4: In 2007 world cup the Ireland team overcome to Pakistanis and defeat them this is biggest upset of this world cup and Pakistan team out of the world cup .Pakistan only played first round of the world cup.
5: In world cup 2011 once again Ireland team play some good cricket and defeat England by chasing 327 runs .This is the biggest chase by any team in the world cups and all rounder Kevin O Brien play fantastic innings and score the fastest hundred of the world cup.

FIFA World Cup upsets:
1: In 1950 world cup, Before the match start, Brazil were the best ranked team in the world and celebrations had already been started by Brazilians .Uruguay surprised every one by reaching in to the finals, now every one expect brazil win this match easily but Uruguay came in and win the final from mighty brazil by 2-1.
2: In 2010 world cup another big upset is done by Switzerland team. Spain is favorite against the Switzerland but the result is against the Spain. Switzerland defeats the Spain by 1-0 in finals and wins the world cup.
3: In 1982 world cup, it was pretty much sure that Spain would make its way into the next round by defeating the Northern Ireland, but no one expects that Ireland win this game and they did it by 1-0.
Upsets in golf:
1: In 1913 US open tournament, the Francis Ouimet, a 20 year old player defeated the experienced golf superstars Ted Ray and Harry Vardon .No now imagine this from the talented young boy.
2: In 2008 Ryder cup, the United States golf team defeated the heavily favored European golf team without their best player tiger woods, who is great player of golf in the world. United States golf team made a history by defeating the European golf team without their best player.
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Anyone Need A Golf Guide.
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How does one make tawassul through the Prophet?
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,

Al-Mardawi in his book al-Insaf fi Ma`rifat al-Rajih min al-Khilaf `ala Madhhab al-Imam al-Mubajjal Ahmad ibn Hanbal (3:456) and Ibn Muflih in his Furu` (1:595) related that the wording preferred by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Allah be well-pleased with him, is: �O Allah! I am turning to you with your Prophet, the Prophet of mercy. O Muhammad! I am turning with you to my Lord for the fulfillment of my need.�

Note that this wording is the one taught by the Prophet, Allah bless him and greet him, to the blind man in the famous sahih hadith narrated by Imam al-Tirmidhi and others.

For further reading on this, see QUESTIONS ON TAWASSUL

Hajj Gibril
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