Bwt Meh
Am Happi Outgoin Person
Dhat Lurves Chillin Wiv M8z >>> Ruby xx
an i laff a bit 2 much buh dhtas wat me m8z lurve bwt me
hum_tum wrote at February 16, 2010
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‘Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement’ is the struggle to
make Pakistan the nation that was envisioned by Allama Iqbal and
conceived by Quaid-e-Azam. Pakistan was supposed to be one of the
greatest nations on earth, and a leader amongst comity of nations. This
was the resolve of our founding fathers, and father of the nation

We achieved the first part of Iqbal’s dream on
August 14th 1947 by establishing Pakistan; however the full realization
of this dream has now become our necessity. It’s the need of the hour
because now it is time to bring the change this nation has been
craving, and work towards the ‘completion’ of Pakistan – as Iqbal and
Jinnah had envisioned it.

Our mission is to revive Allama Iqbal’s Ideology
amongst the people of Pakistan. To wake them up and to join hands in
reviving and implementing the original resolutions and nation building
guidelines of Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal and other founding fathers. We
need to revive the zeal and enthusiasm that was on display on the
historic day of March 23rd 1940. We can do it again and Inshallah we

March 23rd 2010 – Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore – 70
years from the passing of Pakistan Resolution, the people of Pakistan
have decided to recreate the same moment and to write their names in
history by passing the ‘Takmeel-e-Pakistan’ resolution and reviving the
true spirit of Pakistan’s creation; to carry it out its ‘takmeel’, or

Pakistan needs us today. This soil has been
enriched with the blood of those who laid down their lives for the
defense of this nation. We will not let down this sacred soil. We will
not go down, we must rise and Inshallah we will rise

rahat786 wrote at January 26, 2010
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can u frindhship me  my email is

Take care

tiris1985 wrote at November 2, 2009
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Good Morning 

Whenever U feel Urself 
in d sea of 

Just go & offer ur 
prayer then bow Urself 
be4 HIM ! 

Close Ur eyes 
Now universe is mch 
more bright, U'll feel 
better ! 

Tell HIM everything wid 
tears. Don't hide 
HE know d heart !! 

U must feel 
HE is listening U 
as a sincere friend 

HE 'll show U right way 
HE 'll solve Ur probs ! 


HE is d most merciful 
He is d most beneficent 
HE is d only LORD 
HE is d great ALLAH ...

D-company wrote at August 31, 2009
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hala mariam... haw yew been ???

Apnay wrote at August 14, 2009
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Thanx for Joining

Invite your Friends to .& you have a chance to win 2000 Before This EID ul fitar.

& Other Gifts for UK members

decentfriend01 wrote at August 3, 2009
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hi thxx for ADd me As A FRIENd...!

D-company wrote at July 22, 2009
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but i didnt niting jz some neo stuffs for ma cam... cyaaa hv a nyc day!!!

D-company wrote at July 18, 2009
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Ohh gud... then have fun lolllll but wat u planed 4 dat ? n wat stuffs u shoped 4 dat ???

D-company wrote at July 15, 2009
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itz fantastic here... n evrthing going smoothli... we gt a project bwt weather-settalites... so evr-1 wanna finish it sooon.... n u tell wassup ???

Zaffarii wrote at July 7, 2009
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HI Maryam how r u???


hey friend, enjoy yourself...

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